2017 TN State Championship

                 1st Place Robot Performance, 1st Place Mechanical Design
                                                Razorback Qualified!

              2017 ACI sumo-bot Champions

SideSwipe, the EV3 heir to Mudflap, led NX36T to a 4th consecutive ACI Sumobot championship. Skywalker and Yeti also finished the day strong with solid 3rd and 5th place finishes. Super event, thank you ACI!

               2016 Razorback Invitational

5th Place Robot Performance versus 72 championship teams from around the World!   Congratulations to Israel for their 1st Place Champions Award.

1st Place Alliance Challenge partnered with the Bacon Builders ala KnoxLando

                 2016 TN State Championship

                 1st Robot Performance Award, 2nd Champions Award

                 2016 ACI sumo-bot Champions

Going a perfect 5-0 on the day Mudflap secured yet another Sumo Championship. Mudflap, who announced its retirement at the ACI awards cermeony, goes out on top with a career Perfect 36-0 record.

Reed piloted Mudflap under the mentorship of Heather and did an excellent job. Yeti, piloted by Ethan, made the podium with a solid 3rd place finish.

                 2015 TN State Qualifier

                 3rd Robot Performance Award, 3rd Champions Award

2015 knoxville muse sumo-bot Champions

Mudflap, udefeated in match play, increased his career record to a PERFECT 31-0. Yeti posted a near perfect record for the day only losing to Mudflap in the final round. GlaDOS made his first appearence winning the adult division. NX36T finished the day with a combined 12-2 record and two division championships.

      2015 Razorback World Invitational

                 31st out of 72 - Some of the best teams from around the World!

                  2014 TN State championship

                          2nd Place Champions, 2nd Place Robot Performance

             2015 aci Sumo-BOT Champions

                          MudFlap Remains UNDEFEATED!!! (26 wins, 0 losses)

                 2014 TN State Qualifier

                 1st Robot Performance Award, 1st Robot Design-Programming

  2014 atomic city invitational Champions

                          1st Place Robot Performance, 1st Place Sumo-Bot
                                       (Mudflap remains undefeated, 20-0)

                    2013 TN State Champions!!!

                          1st Place Champion's Award, 1st Robot Performance

          2013 TN State knoxville qualifier

             1st Place Robot Performance, 2nd Place Champion Award

              2012 TN State Championship

             1st Place Strategy & Innovation, 2nd Place Robot Performance

        2012 World Invitational - FLorida

             NX36T & Robokids (Spain) @ Thursday Night Paradise Gala!

               2011 TN FLL STATE Champions!!!

From left to right: Chris, Coach Nancy, Mary, Jake, Isaak, Heather, Marie Westfall (ORAU), Coach Troy, Coach Dave.

            2011 ANS Sumo-bot Champions!!!

Congratulations NX36T for a well-earned Sumo-bot championship! Both "the Duke" and "Mudflap" performed extremely well finishing with a combined record of 21-4 taking both 1st and 2nd place honors. The day was highlighted with 揗udflap posting a perfect 12-0 record and 搕he Duke losing only 1 match outside of the NX36T club.